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My Work

Martel & Enclume, this is more than 2000 jewels created & adopted since 2015

How to adopt a jewel?

The Atelier operates on a system of monthly collections, with a store update in the beginning-middle of the month.

Social networks and the banner of the site inform you future store updates.


During these collection outings, you can order one or more creations from the workshop. Jewels that have not been adopted will then remain in the store.



The workshop uses fine stones from ethical mines, guaranteed fair-made and fair-trade, and of course all chosen with care. These cabochons are dressed in silver or hand-worked copper.

Diamant brut

Work Techniques

The jewels combine traditional jewelery techniques with other more ancestral ones such as wire wrapping and weaving. ​

My creations are the result of an authentic personal experience and present a very particular and recognizable touch to offer you original & unique creations.


Celtic inspirations

All Martel & Enclume creations are made entirely by hand in my Breton workshop. They are the fruit of a long, original and rigorous work, watered by the culture & the Celtic legends of which they wish to be the banner.


Advice for collection releases

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MARTEL & ENCLUME no longer taking custom orders

Zoom on...

Runic Talismans

When the Celtic world meets Nordic mythology, it gives birth to the beautiful Martel & Enclume's runic talismans !

Each stone of this unique line of creations contains a runic charm engraved & hand painted by me, then are delicately set in jewels.
To each his stone, his runes, his copper dress: there will be something for everyone!

~Tides of the West~

The Tides of the West jewels are a singularity of the Martel & Enclume shop, which uses the jewels of nature in its raw state by offering you the work of beautiful Breton pebbles crafted, sometimes engraved, and set by me.
This magnificent collection is made from Breton pebbles, polished and sculpted by the tides of Brittany.
Then set in copper threads delicately and meticulously hammered and woven together, the jewels evoke with simplicity the beauty of this sacred land of Brittany, by paying homage to Nature and the beauties It offers us.

Flowery Digressions

All right, they are not offered on the M&E store and are made in a recreational way, but they are nonetheless a large part of the work of the Atelier! Here are some small flowery creations to digress a little and do some infidelity to jewelry...

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