The Workplace

Passing the doors of the Workshop immerses us in a very special atmosphere, a lyrical bric-a-brac where poetry and improbable , bazaar and serenity, calm and storm are balanced.

The air is filled with the heady scent of lavender's bunches, freshly carved olive wood, and flowers picked up in the morning.

The eyes are constantly straying on the wonders all around. The stones reveal their sparkles, the illustrations tell their stories, the mobiles play with rays of light and the jewels bloom on their wooden racks.
The hand always finds a wrench, a stone, a book. It plays with metal and is passionate about creating, scribbling an idea or sketch, or warming up around a cup of tea.

From there, you can hear the laughters of my children, the creaking of my old house, the soft whispering of the wind against my window and the magical tinkling of the suspended chimes.

The music always resonates here and embodies the soul of the Workshop, while the rythmic pounding of the metal gives it's tempo to the beats of his heart.

Welcome to the den of Martel & Enclume.

L'Atelier de Martel & Enclume

The different places of the Workshop

The main Workbench

Here is the heart of the Workshop, where all the creations of Martel & Enclume arise. This old school canteen table was salvaged in my village and now overflows with flowers, stones and threads, tools, beads, and pieces being created. It's full of scattered wonders, and is dominated by a whole bunch of decorations on the wall: illustrations, flowers & plants that dry gently, mobiles & suspensions, magic cauldrons and treasure chests!

Martel & Enclume établi bijoux

The office area

Small haven of bazaar, my huge office is where all the computer part is done: updating the site, social networks & the store, the accounting & my discussions with you! It's also here that I take care of wrapping your little parcels, from the bag stamped with the wax seal of M & E to the postmarked envelope that will join you soon!

Martel & Enclume the office area workplace

The photo Studio

Here, in this Breton's micro climate , I marry the sea & the land of my sweet country. Sand, pebbles & shells stand alongside with leaves, acorns & pine cones and happily receive the visit of elements gleaned each time of the Breton seasons. When the weather is clear, the slate that gathers this little world comes out of its niche for photos in natural light, and when it is dark wherever the day goes, the photos of the jewels are then taken within it.

Martel & Enclume photo studio a workplace

The 2nd workbench

The annex of my workbench is enlightened by the window. I do my work of engraving & painting here, but also sketches, my pyrographies, my patinas & varnish. It offers a bright and soothing place, and also allows me to daydream while watching the beautiful landscape at my window!

Martel & Enclume workbench silversmith area workplace

The expo area

The wooden racks are piling up and collect all the jewelry created at the Workshop patiently waiting to join their new owner!

Recycled wine boxes, display stands, busts & flower crowns mingle to welcome the creations in a beautiful and harmonious mixture of metal, mineral & plant

Martel & Enclume exposition area workplace

The herborist area

This is where the plants and flowers that I harvest dry. In bouquets hanging on the wall, or curled up between the pages of a witch book, this vegetation is waiting to decorate your packages, or to be carefully preserved forever in a casket of resin cast by hand in pretty cabochons.

Martel & Enclume herborist area workplace

In the heart of nature ... up to the Workshop!

Because it's an integral part of the work of Martel & Enclume, it was obvious that Nature would invite itself to the very heart of the Workshop.

Bunches of flowers scattered all around the room, branches picked up during forest walks and used as stands for jewelry, plants & flowers hanging on the wall drying ..

These little pieces of Nature are used both as decoration for the Workshop as well as raw materials for the creations of Martel & Enclume.
I harvest carefully - and always in the respect of Moher Nature - these treasures and preserve them to use them either in the jewels of the Collection ~ The Gardens of Demeter ~ (creations casted in resin with beautiful vegetable inclusions) or to make your packages , create mobiles and suspensions, or garnish my little studio photos.

When they are picked, these plants are always harvested with care, in different places and in small quantities, and I even grow some of it myself in my garden (or "by proxy" in the southern gardens of my mom! ) to disturb as little as possible the natural cycle of my environment. The wood and fruits of the trees are picked up and never torn off, and I collect many items from my relatives, or by bargain hunt.

I check that my print is as sweet and light as possible and I adapt my crops and my creations over the seasons to celebrate Nature and live at Its pace.