Frequently Asked Questions

This page gathers the various questions that you can ask me in comments or in private messages, thank you to kindly browse it before contacting me!

I take very seriously to answer all your requests, more and more numerous (for my greatest pleasure!) But it is clear that it often happens to me to repeat myself, and the time that I can take for answering all your different questions is a time that inevitably impinges on the productivity of the workshop ... You will find here a small corner in bulk of answers and useful links that can serve you, and that I invite you to read before contacting me! There will surely be oversights, so do not hesitate to add your questions in the comments so that I can regularly update this article!

Contacts and different addresses of Martel & Enclume:

• How to contact Martel & Enclume?


If you want to contact me, you can do it via the email page of the Martel & Enclume facebook page, the contact form of this site, or via my professional email.

• Online shop :
• Facebook :
• Instagram :
• Email :

Customization of jewelry:

I no longer make custom orders for the moment.


You will find all the explanations on this subject on this blog article (in french) that I have devoted to it.


However, you can review all custom creations that were designed between 2015 and 2021 in the Custom Creations Gallery.

The Workshop & The Backstage:

• What materials are used for your jewelry?
I mainly use gemstones (semi-precious) for the realization of my jewels, but also Breton pebbles as well as resin cabochons that I cast myself including dried plantsI mainly use copper in different forms: it can be varnished, raw and patinated, or silver plated. I also sometimes work silver, bronze and brass. I also use a lot of small gemstones of very high quality, which I take great care to select for you!

• Are your jewels handmade?

Absolutely, and every jewel is unique in the world! I take care of the polishing and the engraving of my stones, the casting of my resin cabochons and the picking of the plants which are included in, the sketches of the creations, as well as the realization of their setting. I work, carve, hammer, patina and varnish my own threads and jewels, and also weave my cords myself. There is only the cut of the stones that escapes me still since I do not have the necessary material yet! For the rest, I also use some rings,straps or trinkets, as well as bronze and stainless steel chains.


• Can you tell me when you will receive such stone? Such pearls? Such cord? When will this jewel be back in the shop?

Unfortunately no, it's impossible. I have too many requests in this kind and take care individually of all these requests will take me too much time ... However, I post very regularly on the various social networks that I use, especially about new arrivals, so you are usually warned ;)

• Where do you buy your stones or equipment?

I no longer communicate my hardware suppliers, it is personal research and endless tests that I had to do to find the best sellers & lapidaries to acquire the best products, and many other creators have abused my kindness on this subject to finally use the same raw products as me ... I found myself sometimes lacking facing shortages with my favourite lapidaries, and had to find other suppliers to attempt to differentiate myself from my competitors ... I put a point of honor to offer you unique creations! But reassure you, by dint of research and perseverance, you will eventually find you also the best suppliers for your work!


Do you take trainees?

Not for the moment, and probably not in the near future. I'm the only one managing Martel & Enclume, and the choice to take trainees would require too much paperwork and additional taxes. In addition, I work at home in a room dedicated to my job, and I do not have the necessary security conditions to work with trainees.


• Can we visit the workshop?

Unfortunately no. My workshop is a nice room reserved for Martel & Enclume at home where I live with my wee beloved family, and I want to keep this bubble of intimacy!

The shop:

• Do you have an online store?
That's where I make all my sales! I invite you to take a look, all the information about jewelry (price, materials, shipping ...) are indicated!
You will find it in the shop tab of the Martel & Enclume website.


• Do you have a physical store?
No, not at the moment, and probably not in the future. As I am a small self-entrepreneur and unique manager of Martel & Enclume, it would be too complicated to set up, and probably will not benefit my business.


• Is it possible to give me my jewel personnaly?
Most of the time, it's impossible. I live in the Breton countryside and am also a young mum, and moving to find you to give you your jewelry  is a quite difficult for me.
That said, it is something that is possible when a market or an exhibition is planned


• Are the photos of your jewelry contractual?
As each jewel is unique, I take great care to photograph them one by one, to show all the richness of colors and reflections. Some stones, such as the labradorites that I use a lot, have changing reflections depending on their inclination and the light they receive, so I try to show you the different representations with many pictures of each product. You can not say that by seeing all the details - weaving, reflections etc ...- because I can not take pictures from all angles. The photos are therefore not contractual and constitute suggestions for presentation. If you want other photos or other videos of a particular jewel do not hesitate to contact me!
Many of them are also the subject of small videos on Instagram, do not hesitate to take a look


• I am allergic to this subsance, how to do?
The body of my creations is systematically covered with varnish anti-allergy to minimize these risks. That said, it is up to you to renew yourself the installation of a varnish of this kind for your jewel to endure over time.
However, the best thing for you to choose materials you are not allergic to!


• When are the novelties of the shop coming?
It's very variable, but I try to make a jewel per day. The novelties are announced almost daily on my facebook page, mostly around 18h-19h, and I put it on the online shop at the same time.

• Can you reserve this jewel while I wait for my money?
I try not to put too much jewels aside for you as far as possible, because I very often found myself with a large amount of jewels reserved for my clients and not paid. I sometimes do it, but it's something I prefer to do when I'm sure these creations will be paid on time, as with regular customers for example. Understand me : even if I really want to, I can not trust everyone in these situations... In any case, do not hesitate to contact me to chat about it.

• Can you lower the price of this jewel? If I buy you several jewels, can you make me a bulk price?
Here, the answer is no. This situation has already happened to me, and it is a difficult moment for me. The "saleswoman" portion of my work as a craftswoman is the one I like the least, which is why my prices are very seriously thought out and as fair as possible for my clients and for me. The final prices reimburse the materials used and pay my working time, no more! Asking me to lower the price demoralizes me a lot because it demeans my work. I am not a multinational but a small craftswoman who has to support her family with the fruit of her labor, and the income of an auto entrepreneur is already very thin, before being severely taxed ...
You will understand that I can not work for free, or worse, at a loss ... Especially since I offer you some of the lowest prices in my sector considering the work done and the materials used!
In the same way, I can not really make a "wholesale price" without running at a loss ...

On the other hand, I try to be very generous with my regular customers, to whom I very often offer an additional jewel, delivery costs, or coupons for example


• Can you customize the length of a chain for a pendant?
If these are simple requests like these, just tell me the length of the string you want in the comments at the end of the order. I will take care of your requests as long as they are reasonable!
Know that you almost always have a choice between a chain and a hand-woven cord when ordering pendants, and that the cords are adjustable according to your mood choker or long necklace)
I also always add a small chain adjustment chain that I use, allowing you to adjust pendants and bracelets to your size.

 This jewel is out of stock, is it possible to redo it?
Most of Martel & Enclume's jewels are unique, and they are in any case never reproducible identically. Some leaing models, like ~ Frost ~ for example are often redone, but it will always be a different gem because the stones I use are not calibrated. You will have to be patient and wait for a new jewel to be created in the workshop!
However, if you want to be sure of buying a sold out model, you can contact me to make a custom made one;)
(To read: Article on the progress of personalized creations → here

• Do you ship abroad? What are the delivery methods available, and their rates?
I deliver anywhere in the world, with rates that adapt according to where you are.
On the online store, for deliveries in France, you can choose between a delivery by mail tracking (2.80 €), or Colissimo (6.80 €).

Outside France, the follow-up delivery is € 7.50.


• I find delivery prices too high ...
Delivery prices have been carefully considered to be as accurate as possible. I do not make any margin on it.
The price, however, has many things that we do not necessarily realise, that's why I think it's important to detail here.
The delivery costs are not only about the price of the stamps, but also the envelopes, the bags, the paper of the "identity cards" of the jewels, as well as that of my laser printer, my business cards, in addition of all the material necessary for the realization of my packagings that I take a very great care to make for you (labels, dried vegetation, wax seals ... Etc).
Knowing that a stamp tracking already costs 2.11 €, prices are increasing fast!

It should also be remembered that a large commission is always charged by Paypal or the bank for payments in credit card. I do not count this commission in the price of the delivery or in the price of the creations, contrary to many other creators, otherwise the tariffs of the shipping costs would be much higher!


• What is the shipping time of my order?
I make sure to ship your packages very quickly, they are deposited to the mailbox the day after your order, or the day after next at the latest. I live in the countryside and my village offers only one mail lift, very early in the morning.

• What is the delivery time of my order?
For follow-up deliveries in metropolitan France, it usually takes between 2 and 4 business days to reach your home from the moment your package has been shipped.

• The tracking number you provided me is invalid ...
I always inform you of your tracking number so that you can follow its crazy race to you. La Poste provides the first information of your delivery usually 24 hours after its dispatch.
If despite all your tracking number still does not work after 48h, do not hesitate to contact me so I can check your number. The mistake is human and I can sometimes make typos ... Your stamp is registered during my stamp orders and I can then check if it is correct or not.
In addition, and I am sorry about it, La Poste sometimes makes some mischieves and does not record or scan your packages. Unfortunately I can not do anything about it since I have no power over the travel time of your packages

• I did not receive my package ...
As I said above, I am unfortunately powerless on the path of your packages which then depend entirely on the services of La Poste. Delays and lost parcels are things that happen, very rarely, but that must be taken into account. I try to minimize all these risks by using a special printer for your addresses, as well as calibrated envelopes, but sometimes it is not enough.
Once shipped, I am no longer responsible for delivering your packages. That's why I always provide you with a tracking number, which allows you to contact your post office in case of delay or loss.
If you have no news of your package despite this, do not hesitate to contact me. It's not because I'm no longer legally responsible for the packages that I disappear, and we still manage to find a solution, or at least compensation for these incidents!

• Do you make trade fairs and exhibitions?
I made some, and I will do it again! The current period is a little tricky because I am a very young mom since the end of 2017, and moving to markets is not necessarily obvious with a child so young, which I take care of in addition to my work.
That said, I try with all my strength to find solutions to meet you in happy markets!
If fairs or exhibitions are planned, you will be notified via social networks, as well as in the Events tab of the site.

Other questions:

• I do not see M&E news on the facebook page / your page has disappeared from my thread?
Haaa, Faceook's algorithms... As this network greatly benefits sponsored publications and big pages, small artisans like me tend to become invisible ...
To counter this, you can subscribe to the notifications of my page, to receive an alert when I post a new thing!
You just have to click on the "like" button under the banner of the page, and then click on "receive notifications" in the drop-down menu that will appear!


• How much does the jewel of this post cost? Where can I order this jewel?
The prices of the jewels are informed on the on-line shop, a link towards the shop is almost always informed in my facebook posts.

• Do you make partnerships?
This will depend on the type of partnerships, and the type of projects proposed.
I have already had the opportunity to do some, but I think I will strongly reduce the "collaborations" in which I simply offer  one or more jewel in exchange for an article about my work. If it brings me new insights, the equilibrium is often wobbly and I often felt that some of these partnerships were just a pretext to swell the collections of products or jewelry already sometimes impressive, of some bloggers
I therefore prefer to focus on fairer and more honest partnerships, in which different worlds, trades, and savoir faire will come together in a nice project.


• Do you offer your jewelry for rent / ready for photo shoots or special events?
Yes, it's entirely possible and it's something I do regularly. A simple security deposit is then required.

After your purchases ...

• The jewel I bought on your shop is not my size, what to do?
If it is a chain too short, or a bracelet whose size does not suit you, you can contact me to consider a retouch when possible. I usually add adjustment links to my creations so they can fit to the majority of people but there may be exceptions! Think to specify your requests during your order, because it is easier to modify things upstream, before I dispatch your packages!

Regarding the rings, I take care to measure them with a jeweler professional triboulet and to inform their size on the shop. It is up to you to check that the size matches you before, because once finished, I can not change the size of my rings.

• How taking care of the creations I bought?
Unique and handcrafted with passion and patience, the jewels of Martel & Enclume must therefore be carefully treated. Be sure to keep them away from water, remove them before going to bed and before any sporting or violent activity that could damage them.

A small article has been specially written to explain how to treat the jewelry Martel & Enclume you received, so take a look at the blog: here!

One of the jewels I bought does not please me ...
The pictures of the jewels that I propose for sale, as well as their description on the product sheets of the shop allow you to realize the best rendering creations. If you are unsure of yourself, contact me before your purchase so  I may send you additional photos or videos of the jewel.
You are not satisfied? I offer a refund for a return made within 14 days from the delivery of your package, provided that the jewelry is intact and have never been worn. The shipping costs will be your responsibility. This service will not be available for customized & custom orders.