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For more than 2 years, I have chosen to work only with ethical stones from responsible mines and on a human scale. ​


I have chosen to gradually leave my old lapidaries to favor the purchase and use of fair-mined and fair-traded stones, from extraction to cutting, and up to my workshop.

These stones are indeed acquired from irreproachable lapidaries who can source all of their products, working and buying their goods directly from families who are justly paid, far from cartels and from work that flouts Human and Children's rights. ​


The stones that I now choose come from small responsible mines and on a human scale and...


... Well yes, they cost more! ​

It's a choice that I make with a lot of strength and conviction because I could no longer manage the weight of this cognitive dissonance posed by the use of minerals whose origin I did not know but whose collateral damage I could guess.


On my very small scale, with my very small means, I think I have to act for a better world, or at least a world a little less worse and I can no longer consciously participate in human or ecological mistreatment under the pretext that they are happening far from home. ​


I can now assure you that the stones that will make up more and more of the Atelier's creations are breathtaking, ethical, and that they are chosen one by one with care. I'm sure they'll put sparkles in your eyes, as they certainly do with me, and I'm like a kid coming into my workbench every morning to work with such incredible stones!

In addition to lightening my heart and conscience, they allow me to work on even more wonderful and magical pieces than before, while leaving me with peace of mind and a happy heart. ​


To find out more, I invite you to read the blog article I dedicated to it (in french) → here

The Gemtones

Bijou spirale


Martel & Enclume makes its jewelry from raw silver and copper.


Mainly in the form of plates, shots or wires, I try as much as possible to get supplies from French suppliers.


I then work them by hand with patience and know-how to create beautiful Martel & Enclume jewelry!

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