Gemstones & Beads

Labradorite, amethyst, quartz or moonstone, agate, malachite or other more specific stones: there's everything at Martel & Enclume! I only work with unique stones, unsized and always of high quality to offer jewelry that you will never find elsewhere. They are all rigorously selected, one by one, and are carved by two Indian and a French lapidaries with whom I've been working for many years. My beads all come from a French supplier whose quality is remarkable!


Martel & Enclume makes his jewelry using copper wire almost exclusively. Mostly French-made, they come in varnished, silver-plated, or raw versions that I then give a hand patina in the workshop. From time to time, silver, brass, aluminum or bronze wire will enlarge the round of metals.


I prefer working with hand tools as much as I can: professional jewelery pliers & triboulet, plus limes, hammer & anvil, vice, saw and other hand tools.

I am also accompanied by my faithful Dremel for engraving, carving, cutting, sanding, polishing and others, as well as a pyrograver.


When they are picked, these plants are always harvested with care, in different places and in small quantities. I also grow in my garden to disrupt as little as possible the natural cycle of my environment. The wood & fruits of the trees are picked up and never torn off, and I collect many items from my entourage. I take care that my footprint is as sweet and light as possible and adapt my crops and my creations over the seasons to celebrate Nature and live at its own pace.


Chains & cords, and earrings clips.

The chains offered with the jewels are in bronze, copper or stainless steel. The cords are waxed polyester woven by hand. They are very resistant, elegant, and are adjustable thanks to a sliding knot. The earring attachments are guaranteed lead free, nickel free and cadmium free and are made of natural brass, 925 silver or bronze.

The Breton pebbles

Martel & Enclume here uses the jewels of nature in the rough by offering you the work of beautiful pebbles Breton polished and carved by the tides of Brittany.

I never pick more than three pebbles on the same beach and harvest very few of them so as not to distort the beauty of the beaches of my country.