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You're about to enter in an universe suffused with celtic magic and contentment. The Workshop offers you unique handmade creations handcrafted in the heart of Brittany



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The Workplace

Nestled in a den full of books, children's toys, dried flowers, tools and light, the workshop is the place where all the magic of Martel & Enclume arise.

Discover the Backstage of his enchanted place


At the heart of M&E's craft, Brittany lays a fairy veil upon the whole Workshop's creations.

Come and discover the landscapes & legends wich are the roots of M&E

The creations

How M&E jewlery are made ?

Which materials are used?

How the stones are chosen?

The answers to all your questions are here!

Golden Book

Leave your opinions & testimonials, and discover those left by the customers of Martel & Enclume!



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