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You're about to enter in an universe suffused with celtic magic and contentment. The Workshop offers you unique handmade creations handcrafted in the heart of Brittany
Feuilles d'automne humides

M&E se pare des couleurs flamboyantes de l'automne pour sa prochaine collection

Rdv Mercredi 6 Octobre à 20h

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The Workplace

Nestled in a den full of books, children's toys, dried flowers, tools and light, the workshop is the place where all the magic of Martel & Enclume arise.

Discover the Backstage of his enchanted place


When M&E resonates at the heart of the work of exceptional souls ... Discover here the collaborative works carried out with several hands between talented artists and craftsmen and the Martel & Enclume workshop.

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At the heart of Martel & Enclume's work, Brittany lays a magical and magical veil over all of the Atelier's creations. Come and discover the landscapes & legends that shape Martel & Enclume!

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The creations

How M&E jewlery are made ?

Which materials are used?

How the stones are chosen?

The answers to all your questions are here!

Runic charms

When the Celtic world meets Norse mythology, it gives birth to the stunning runic talismans of M&E Each of these creations contains a runic charm engraved & hand painted by me, then are delicately set in jewels.

Golden Book

Leave your opinions & testimonials, and discover those left by the customers of Martel & Enclume!



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