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When MARTEL & ENCLUME resonates at the heart of the work of exceptional souls ...

The poetry of Raconte-moi Photographie...

There are worlds that, as differents as they are, hum their melody together to create a unique and personnal harmony.
This is what happens with the work of the talented Coraline, a photographer from Raconte-moi Photographie & a friend of Martel & Enclume, who came to sublimate the song of M&E's creations in a poetic and delicate dance of breathtaking shots.

April 2019

A great partnership that I had the chance to participate, surronded by staggering talents!

Martel & Enclume


Du Fil & Des Nœuds

A long love story

Du Fil et des Nœuds is a jewelery shop using macrame techniques and beautiful precious stones. This brand is straight out of Cyrielle's dreams, great lover of stones, minerals, jewelry and handcrafts, who found in the macrame the ideal outlet where all her passions meet!

From the thread to the Anvil

Martel & Enclume and Du Fil & Nœuds have been working together since the first steps of the workshop. It is a relationship that begins with the purchase of a stone to the delicious Cyrielle, and which continues in discussions, exchanges and laughter for several years, ending in a beautiful friendship. The work with 4 hands between us appearing as an evidence, we had the pleasure to create beautiful pieces happily mingling our two universes. These rare and unique creations - available on request - are the result of a rigorous and careful work, and are the emblem of a exceptional story, filled with love & savoir faire.

Martel & Enclume


The beginning of a great adventure


Graphic designer, BRIGHTSTAR declines its drawings on paper & textiles thanks to different techniques such as linocutting, embroidery, or printing while respecting a strong environmental ethic.
The beautiful Elinor offers a collection of clothing, accessories and decoration in organic cotton and linen certified Oeko tex, designed from his drawings.
The creations of BRIGHTSTAR are designed in dreams, like a star that shines more than others, it has the desire to bring you a touch of imagination ...

Brodette & Martel

Bright Star & Martel & Enclume worked hand in hand to link their world through many projects. Their paths crossed for the creation of a magnificent collection realized with 4 hands, TOTEM, then during nice contests. Compared behind the screen, our paths also led us to concretize this beautiful relationship IRL since I had the chance to exhibit with this sweet lady during the great medieval festival Cidre & Dragon in September 2018. An adventure that is just beginning between these two worlds!

Find here the work of partnerships between Martel & Enclume and talented photographers ...

Laura Sauvage Photographie

El Zephon & Élodie