Runic Talsmans

Nordic mythology enters the Celtic world for a very special Martel & Enclume collection: The Runic Talismans.

Created from high quality stones, these unique jewels greet the runes of the ancient futhark & bound runes charms, handcarved with all my care at the Workshop.
Love, protection, health, luck and many more are available in a wide range of jewelry & for all tastes!

You will find this jewelry collection very regularly on the online store, but you can also buy your custom runic talisman on request! To learn more, go to the Custom Orders tab.

Les Charmes proposés:

Luck Charm

This talisman is called "Gibu Auja".

It consists of the association of the runes Gebo (ᚷ) and Anguz (ᚫ).
It's a very old & well known charm, translatable by "Gift of Luck".

Gebo literally means "the gift," and Anzuz refers to the Ases, the first family of heavenly Gods in Scandinavian mythology.

This talisman places his wearer under the protection of the Gods, who harvests
good fortune!

Love Charm

This charm is composed of two linked runes, gathered around a common vertical line to form a single glyph.

The runes used here are Gebo (ᚷ) and
Wunjo (ᚹ). Gebo literally means Gift. Wunjo symbolizes Joy and the pleasure of communion with others.
The third rune, Laguz (ᛚ), symbol of water and emotions, is born from the union of the two others and specifies that this gift of love is transmissible & that it crosses everything in the manner of water.
This charm is translatable by "Gift of love".

Protection Charm

This glyph is composed of the Ingwaz (ᛝ) and Isa (ᛁ) runes.

Isa symbolizes ice, not as a destructive or mortal element, but as a protective element that stops what is moving.

Associated with Ingwaz in its open form, this charm symbolizes an ice chamber acting as a shield against external attacks.
It's a powerful shield charm
who will protect his wearer.

Heart's Wealth Charm

Here are the runes of Feoh and Wynn ...

Feoh represents wealth and refers to a sense of ownership, while Wynn is the rune of happiness.
The two runes bind to each other to form a little talisman called "Wealth of the Heart".

This secret charm calls to enjoy every moment of happiness, sweetness, pleasure and serenity to fill your life

succes Charm

This glyph constists of the meeting of runes ᛏ ᛋ ᚦ.
The central rune is Sowilo ᛋ which, as the matrix Rune, supports the two other. It represents the Sun, that is the World's source of energy that allows the Life and the accomplishment of things.
The second rune is Tiwaz ᛏ, rune of the God-Lord Tyr, and rune of Victory. This is a pattern very often found on Viking weapons.
The third and last rune rune is Thurisaz ᚦ, the rune of God-Warrior Thor. It's a war bond that allows you to override the defenses.

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Achievment Charm

This charm is composed of runes Gebo (ᚷ) and Tiwaz (ᛏ), and it could be translated as: "Gift of Victory".

The third rune Othala (ᛟ) appears from the union of the first two and refers to the property, Heritage & its protection.
It specifies that this victory is centered on a material level, and that it therefore refers to success.


Health charm

This talisman is composed of runes of Laguz, and Ingwaz.

Laguz (ᛚ) is a rune that designates growth, with a sense of Vitality, as well as a notion of Expansion.
Associated with Ingwaz (ᛜ), the ensemble demonstrates a desire to save its vital energy.

Ansuz (ᚫ) appears from the union of the two others and will be the third rune of this glyph ,.
It symbolizes Divine Breath, and place his bearer under the protection of the Gods.

You can also ask to make a jewel carved with one of the 25 runes of the Ancient Futhark of your choice!

The Runes of the old Futhark

You can also ask to make a jewel carved with one of the 25 runes of the Ancient Futhark of your choice!

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