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Jewelery ~ West's Tides ~

When Brittany is the heart of Martel and Enclume's work

This magnificent collection is made from Breton pebbles, polished and sculpted by the tides of Brittany.
Then set in copper threads delicately and meticulously hammered and woven together, the jewels evoke with simplicity the beauty of this sacred land of Brittany, by paying homage to Nature and what it offers us as beauties.

a piece of Brittany that accompanies you wherever you are

Jewelry ~West's Tides~ are a singularity of the Martel & Enclume shop, which uses the jewels of nature in its raw state by offering you the work of beautiful Breton pebbles worked, sometimes engraved, and set by hand.
You'll be able to wear Brittany around your neck!

You will find this collection of jewelry very regularly on the online store

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