& the Celtic world

This is an indivisible part of my work. Brittany is the Earth that guides my creativity, the unconditional Muse of my life and my work. From the summits of indomitable cliffs battered by the waves,to the calm and peaceful lakes, by way of the ancient magic of the forests of this land, everything is inspiring.
You will find in each of my creations this Celtic and proud imagination, overflowing with elven magic and forest fairies, dead leaves still smelling autumn's woods, and slapping of raging seas.

From the heart of Brittany through the Highlands of Scotland & England, Martel & Enclume strives to bring alive the Celtic spirit that drives it.

That's the meaning of my name, Morgane, in Breton.

I try to narrate you the story of Brittany in my job as a jeweler. What's more inspiring than the range of colors of the sea, the strenght of the waves exploding against the rocks, or the purity and well-being provided by the air filled with sea spray?
Each of my creations is an Ode to the Sea.

Sea's Daughter

Inexhaustible source of inspiration, the land of Brocéliande abounds with dream landscapes and Celtic legends.

Raised with Arthurian mythology since my childhood, it's quite common to feel it through the jewels of the online shop...

The land of Broceliande

Catkins & thistles, sand & pebbles, shells, ivy & ferns, pine cones, acorns & hazelnuts ...  You can find all these natural elements, gathered during my walks,  in my work. Buds nestled in  resin or magical packs stuffed with pine needles, you will recieve beautiful pieces of Brittany at home if you order on the shop!

Land & Sea

Martel & Enclume sometimes travels to its other Heartland, Scotland, where I draw a great deal of my inspiration.

The striking beauty of the Highland landscapes and the magic of its ever changing skies take my breath away and become my Muses. Scotland is the melodic counterpoint to the Breton workshop's song.

Scotland &
The Highlands

Omnipresent in my country, in my village, close to my garden, the forest invites itself even in my workshop!

It is the place of all magic, resource tired souls and invites to dream.

Ageless home and witness of old times, the forest guides my head and my hand in the creation of the jewels of Martel & Enclume.

The Forest

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