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How Customized Creations work

The service:

Since its creation,  Martel & Enclume's Workshop offers you to create the jewel of your dreams thanks to its personalized creations service.
Do you want a very special jewel that suits you perfectly? You want to customize one of the models of the shop with a particuliar stone, engraving or setting? I am happy to implement my svoir faire to offer you all this!
This is a part of my work that represents almost half of what I do at the Workshop, and you were very numerous to entrust to me your projects ... I already made more than 200 personalized creations until now!
If I am very touched and moved by the trust you place in me, the growing number of requests for tailor-made projects inevitably involves some precision and perpetual adjustments.

The Customized Jewels Order Book:

With the increase in requests for made to measure creations, the waiting time is lengthened, and a rigorous organization of my order book is necessary.

I can't realize as quickly your projects as before since it is simply impossible for me to put 20 creations on the time of a month, unfortunately I can't extend time...
As you may know, I am a young mother, and time has become for me a concept a little distant and mystical ... Which, combined with your growing demands, encourages me to reduce the number of projects that I can achieve per month. Please note that according to my arrangements, between 5 and 10 custom orders can be made each month.

the dates of the next places on my agenda are
available here
It is therefore imperative to contact me in advance if you want to get the jewel of your dreams!

The rates:

Customized creations are extremely time-consuming, since I put all my heart to the smooth running of each stage of our adventures so that you can leave with the creation of your dreams.


Until recently, I offered this service at the same price as online creations, and this is something I can not afford to do anymore.
I spend much more time (days, weeks, sometimes months!) on your projects than on the "ordinary" creations available directly on the online store, and it is right that I can pay myself in adequacy with the work provided.
Because behind the screen and the clamps, there's a little artisan who wander, and who must support her little family with her work ... Even when it is a passion, all work deserves salary!

All the steps of a customized creation (described below) are discussed and shared with you, for a personalized follow-up from the beginning to the end of the creation.
I also remain at your service long after each creation and I'm always ready to talk with you!
I let you imagine the time that can take any project, a hundred times more than the spontaneous creations of the Workshop.
Just the time of discussion with you sometimes brings us up to many hours (of the day and the night!) that I didn't pay me so far no more than the time of creation, well above the normal one.


For the sake of my little shop and my physical, mental and pecuniary health, I must review the prices upwards and readjust these imbalances.
Henceforth, your personalized jewel will be more expensive than the one that you will be able to find already done on the on-line shop, of the order of 20 - 30% additional (for a very indicative, I adapt myself of course to you and your requests!).

The progress of a personalized creation:

Here, to give you an idea of the extent of the extra work (compared to a spontaneous creation), is the typical development of a custom jewel project with you:

● Customer contact and explanation of the request
● Discussion around the project about what can be achieved
● Preliminary searches for the requested materials, stones, symbols / runes
● Sketch and presentation of a first result
● First rough cost estimate of the final creation, and discussion about the means of payment
● Photo / video and choice among the stones and materials of the workshop (sometimes up to twenty photos just for this first choice!)
● Ordering materials and stones for special requests, and waiting for reception of the different elements.
● Reception of materials & photos for the client as part of the choices offered
● Creation of the order (from one day to several weeks according to the requests!)
● Photos of each step or almost to show you the evolution of the project
● Finishing touches of jewelry (patina, varnish, adjustment of chains / cords ... etc)
● Last minute changes
● Final photos
● Creation of the product card of the jewel
● Uploading on the shop
● Preparation of the order and the packaging (which I take great care!)
● Purchase and preparation of stamps & envelopes
● Sending orders by mail tracking
● Message tracking of packets

Are you interested in creating a custom jewel?

I invite you to consult the Frequently Asked Questions that lists the majority of your questions, and explains all the specificities of this service.

Do you have a project in mind and read this article and the FAQ?

So come and contact me by email at or via the email of my Facebook page to explain your project!

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