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Frequently Asked Questions about custom creations

Here is a small Frequently Asked Questions that may now be able to inform you about other details.

● Is it possible to create a customized creation?

Yes of course ! Customized orders represent almost half of my work, and it's a pleasure to take care of making for you one or more unique jewels straight out of your dreams!


● How to contact?

Just send me a message via the contact form, on the email page of Martel & Enclume's facebook page, or via my mailbox ( explaining your project and your desires. We will discuss together what is possible or not to do, and discuss the modalities of our adventures. Of course, I reserve the right to refuse certain projects, unfeasible or too eccentric, as well as those that I do not think fit with the spirit or the savoir faire of the shop.


● How long can you process my request?

The personalized design book can offer up to 10 seats per month, maximum. I am a small craftswoman alone, and unfortunately can not multiply or add hours to my days already too short! According to the requests, and the projects currently in progress, your request can be as well realized in the current month as in three months. We will take the time to see all this together as soon as you contact me.


● How long does the creation take?

Again, that will depend largely on the work I have to do, as well as the number of currant projects . But it is above all your project, and its complexity will determine the time needed for the creation. A simple pendant from a pre-existing model from which you choose the stone or engraving will only take a few days, while a complex piece can take up to several weeks.
Requests that require the purchase and order of specific materials (stones, metal wires ... Etc!) are also longer to process. Since my lapidary is based in India, it can take up to 4 weeks for stone orders to arrive at the workshop. Be patient, your jewel will be all the more beautiful;)
I finally said that being the young mother of a small kid born in winter 2017, I sometimes have to delay a little my work to adapt to the pace and need of my child: do not blame me!
I certainly could not be as available at all hours of the day and night as before... I am very serious and rigorous in my work (as evidenced by the many opinions on the page and the shop!), but I I'm not a robot, and the well-being of my family comes first!


● How much does a customized creation cost?

The custom orders are more expensive than the usual creations of the shop, because they ask me much more time to realize, besides all the time of discussion with you. Count a percentage of the order of 20-30% additional depending on the projects requested. Obviously, the price is announced and discussed upstream, and I know how to adapt according to each project.
A deposit (an advance) can be requested in cases where it would be particularly complex creations, requiring a lot of work, or those requiring me to invest in particular or expensive materials. For example, if you ask me for a bracelet with a sapphire, I will probably advance the cost of the stone that would be inaccessible otherwise!
I am obliged to work like this now because I have unfortunately already happened to find myself with a personalized creation ordered and finally abandoned by the client ..


● What payment methods can I use to buy my jewel?

To acquire your creation, you can go through the online store on which I add the product sheet of your jewel. Via this site, you can pay by Paypal or by debit or credit card. Paypal payments directly, by hand, or by check are also possible but must be discussed: in these cases think to contact me! Just note that your packages will be sent when your payment has been cashed. A payment in several times is also possible for more expensive creations, do not hesitate to tell me about it!


The progress of a personalized creation:

Here, to give you an idea of the extent of the extra work (compared to a spontaneous creation), is the typical development of a custom jewel project with you:

● Customer contact and explanation of the request
● Discussion around the project about what can be achieved
● Preliminary searches for the requested materials, stones, symbols / runes
● Sketch and presentation of a first result
● First rough cost estimate of the final creation, and discussion about the means of payment
● Photo / video and choice among the stones and materials of the workshop (sometimes up to twenty photos just for this first choice!)
● Ordering materials and stones for special requests, and waiting for reception of the different elements.
● Reception of materials & photos for the client as part of the choices offered
● Creation of the order (from one day to several weeks according to the requests!)
● Photos of each step or almost to show you the evolution of the project
● Finishing touches of jewelry (patina, varnish, adjustment of chains / cords ... etc)
● Last minute changes
● Final photos
● Creation of the product card of the jewel
● Uploading on the shop
● Preparation of the order and the packaging (which I take great care!)
● Purchase and preparation of stamps & envelopes
● Sending orders by mail tracking
● Message tracking of packets

All these steps are adjusted to your project, discussed and shared with you, for a personalized follow-up from the beginning to the end of the order. I also remain at your service long after each creation and am always ready to talk with you!


● I want a very specific stone for my personalized jewel, can you still achieve it?

Here, it will mainly depend on stocks of my lapidaries. Some stones are very difficult to find, and despite extensive research, I sometimes can not get the gems you want ... You can also do your research, in case you're luckier than me, and send me the links of your finds. I will then judge the reliability of the sellers, the products, and their quality before eventually ordering them. In case of difficulties to find what you want, I reserve the right to decline your project.

● Can you create a customized jewel with one of my personal stones?

This is something I really like to do, but with which I am very reluctant. In principle, I try not to use my customer's stones for customized orders, because as you can imagine, this carries some risks ... The first, in case it's not a hand delivery, is that it is La Poste which is responsible for the travel of a stone that is dear to you, and that it can sometimes mislay packages. This is an aspect that I can not control at all, and that is not my professional responsibility, and I would be very sorry if it ever happened. When it comes to jewelery coming from the workshop, it is not very serious, because solutions are possible afterwards, but if it is stones carrying a beautiful story, here is something that I can not just refund or exchange. The risks of this happening are low, and can be further minimized with packages recommended with AR for example, but it is a risk that is still incurred and I have to warn my customers! The second is that the stone can arrive damaged by La Poste, or worse, that I ruin it during my work. Here again, nothing serious for a stone coming from the workshop, but a very different story with a personal stone ... I am very cautious in my work, but some stones are really delicate and the risk is not to be discarded. If you are interested in this service, you must be aware of the risks involved and take full responsibility. I also give myself the right to refuse a project that I consider too risky.


● Can you recreate a jewel already made, seen on your shop?

It is quite possible to recreate a jewel model that you liked, however, you must know that each jewel will always be unique. I use stones that are not calibrated, and each of them is unique, so you have a jewel that you will never find elsewhere!


● Can you recreate a jewel seen on a shop other than yours?

Absolutely not, I refuse to do a job that is not mine. I want the jewels of the workshop to keep a very special leg very dear to M & E, and not that they are a copy of what you could have seen elsewhere ...


● I no longer wish or can not take the creation that I ordered you, what happens?

It is unfortunately something that happens, little, but all the same. Know that when this situation occurs, it is significant hours of time and follow-up that are wasted, and the respect for my work is tainted. When you start a project with me, once the conditions and rates are discussed, you must commit to buying the creation that emerges.

I know that sometimes certain situations of everyday life prevent you from paying money, but it must remain exceptional, and under conditions. I can possibly keep your creations a little time, one or two weeks maximum in reserve, but you will then have to take them. Remember that this kind of disclaimer also creates a lack that I can not overcome, this does not prevent me from honoring my electricity bills .... It's up to you to do the same with me! A payment in several times can also be considered according to the price of the creation. If these conditions are not respected, I will no longer engage in projects with you, unfortunately.

In the case of large and more expensive parts, I will now ask for a deposit (an advance), which will not be returned in case of withdrawal. Indeed, in addition to time and work invested, I often have to order and buy some materials in advance, and when an order is abandoned, these are investments that I pay out of my pocket.


● I find the price too expensive, can we haggle?

Here, the answer is no. This situation has already happened to me, and it is a difficult moment for me. The commercial aspect of my work as a craftswoman is the one I like least, which is why my prices are very seriously thought out and as fair as possible for my clients and for me. The final prices refund the materials used and pay my working time, no more. Ask me to lower the price is in my opinion a lack of respect, and demoralize me a lot because belittles my work. I am not a multinational but a small craftswoman who has to support her family with the fruit of her labors, and the income of an auto entrepreneur is very slim. You will understand that I can not work for free, or worse, at a loss ... Especially since I offer you some of the lowest prices in my sector given the work provided, its quality, and the materials used. .
You also need to remember that customized creations rates are first announced before the creative process, and each item that raises the amount is discussed with you upstream.
So there is no bad surprise at the end of our adventure, and therefore no bargain.


● Lithotherapy: I am looking for a jewel for such a psychological problem or health, what stone do you recommend?

Martel & Enclume is a shop specializing in artisan jewelry, which does not address the issue of lithotherapy. I am happy to mount the stones of your choice in jewelry but I do not want to be a consultant of these choices, except if they relate to aesthetic or practical issues. I invite you to do your own research so that I can order you the stones of your choice.

● In bulk and in summary:

- The contact is made by private message on the page of Martel & Enclume or by email:

-The rates are higher than for creations already available online, and cannot be bargained
On the other hand, we can talk about payment facilities if your situation is difficult. - When you book a slot for a customized creation, you agree to honor it at the end.

- The multiplication of changes and adjustments during creation increase the rates announced at the beginning of making contact: it is normal, it represents an additional work not planned initially.

- If I do not hear from you during the month for which I booked you a place, you will have to book a new niche, sometimes several months later. It's up to you to come back to me in private message. No news from you, you will not be reported automatically because I have many other requests pending! If I face several withdrawals, I will refuse your next requests.

- The research in lithotérapie must be done by your care: it is an aspect that I chose not to work here, and to concentrate on the jeweler's shop.


If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me by email at or via the email of my Facebook page to explain your project!

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