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Quick introduction


A wee Breton handcrafted celtic jewelery with a pagan, medieval and enchanting inspiration.

This wee shop is plentiful with one thousand and one créations, all unique and exceptional, that combine strenght and delicacy of metal with beauty and sumptuousness of semi precious stones carefuly chosen with love, but also delicate dried flowers and plants compositions included in handcasted resin.

Who am I?

Because behind the work hides a small craftswoman who takes care of all facets of Martel & Enclume.


If you want to know more about me, my background and my work, it's here!

My Work

Every single piece of the Workshop is unique & handmade with great care, craft, and thanks to specific materials & tools. Come and discover what hides behind the creations of Martel & Enclume in the secret of my lair!

The Workplace

At the heart of my workshop nestled in the heart of my sweet Brittany, I surround myself since 2015 with an atmosphere of fairy and enchanted universe, and I take care to work on each creation in a unique and rigorous way to reveal all its potential and its essence.

Martel & Enclume britanny

Brittany is the Earth that guides my creativity, the unconditional Muse of my life and my work. From the summits of indomitable cliffs beaten by the waves, to the calm and peaceful lakes, through the ancient magic of the forests of this country: everything starts from Brittany, and everything returns to it. You will find in each of my creations this proud Celtic imagination, overflowing with elven magic and wood fairies, dead leaves with the scent of autumn, and lapping rushing seas!

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