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How to

Take care of your jewelry

Martel & Enclume take care of jewels

That's it, you have just adopted a piece of Martel & Enclume jewelry: THANK YOU! ​


Unique and handcrafted with passion and patience, Martel&Enclume jewelry must be carefully treated so that it can last you many years!

To take car of them:

● Be sure to keep them away from water

● Remove them before going to bed and before any sports or violent activity that could damage them.

● Avoid contact with water

● Do not spray your perfumes directly on your jewelry

● When you are not wearing them, store your jewelry away from light.

The Jewelry cords

The cords are hand woven by me in waxed polyester. They are very resistant, elegant, and are adjustable thanks to a sliding knot.


With the movements and by dint of being worn, the cords can twist on themselves. No worries! In a few simple gestures you can put them back straight. Here is the procedure to follow:

When the cord straps get twisted, it is inconvenient. The pendant turns around often and the result is not very aesthetic.

Martel & Enclume jewelry cords

Remove your cord, and grasp the sliding knot between your fingers.

Martel & Enclume jewelry cords

Slide the sliding knot all the way down the cord...

Martel & Enclume jewelry cords

...until it is stuck to the pendant bail.

Martel & Enclume jewelry cords

Then hold your jewel by the pendant upside down, and "smooth" the cord by pinching it between your fingers from top to bottom, 3-4 times to remove the twists, until the cord is straight again !

Martel & Enclume jewelry cords

Here's how to "smooth" the cord:

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